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MercedesTrophy Rules

  • Covid protocols must be adhered to at all times
  • Participants must be 21 years and older
  • Participants to be eligible can be Male or Female amateur golfers
  • The maximum official handicap for Men is 24 and Ladies is 30
  • Please note that only players with official handicaps on the day of the Regional Tournament will be eligible for the winners' titles
  • The handicap on your scorecard must correspond to the handicap on the system on the day of the Agent Tournament
  • Your score on the day must be entered within the required time frame on the handicap system to avoid any penalties
  • Count Out - Should two or more players tie with the same score the winner shall be determined on the player with the better net score on the hole rated Stroke Index 1 on the scorecard. Should there still be a tie the same method shall be used using Stroke Index 2 then 3 and so on until a winner is determined. Should there still be a tie the winner shall be decided on the toss of a coin
  • Only Mercedes-Benz owners will be eligible to win 1st prize
  • Non Mercedes-Benz owners will not be eligible for 1st prize but can qualify for 2nd or 3rd prize
  • Mercedes-Benz owner is defined as such:
    • As the registered owner of a Mercedes-Benz Passenger Car/s, in his/her name with valid registration papers that is no older than ten years
    • If legally married, the vehicle can be registered in the spouse's name with valid registration papers
    • If purchased in Company Name, the 1st place winner will qualify if he/she is in a Company leadership/management position of a registered Company and is the sole driver of the vehicle
    • If the vehicle is registered in a CC, the player must be the majority shareholder of the CC.
  • Participants may only play in one qualifying event in a series year. Should you be invited to more than one qualifying event, then the first event that you participate in will count towards qualification for prizes.
  • Participants affiliated to the Sunshine Tour or any professional tour can participate but are not eligible for prizes
  • No Senior tees are allowed as part of the World Final rules
  • Agents and their staff and any sponsors cannot qualify for the first three prizes, but may participate in the Tournament. Closest to pin and longest drive prizes may be won
  • This is an amateur Tournament sanctioned by the SA Golf Association Ref no Rule 4-2g SAGA02/21
  • Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash
  • As a MercedesTrophy participant you consent to Mercedes-Benz Cars South Africa publishing your photos taken at each event in any media if so required, including but not limited to, print and online media
  • The decision of Mercedes-Benz Cars South Africa is final and no correspondence will be entered into