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Ladies Classic Rules & Prizes

  • The format will be a fourball betterball stableford draw.
  • The maximum handicap is 30.
  • Scores must be entered prior to the prize-giving on the handicapping system.
  • No pivot will be allowed.
  • Each fourball must have a minimum of one Mercedes-Benz owner (Mercedes-Benz owner is defined as having one Mercedes-Benz vehicle registered in the name of the player/husband in the household) in order to qualify for National Finals.
  • If no Mercedes-Benz owner is represented in the fourball, the winning team will qualify for first prize but not the National Finals and the next in line will qualify.
  • A provisional booking will be made upon registration however, this will only be confirmed once payment has been made into the bank account within one week of registering.
  • Player 1 will be the designated team captain and payment of R1700 must be made by the captain on behalf of the fourball for the Regional tournaments.
  • Player 1 will be the designated team captain and payment of R2400 must be made by the captain on behalf of the fourball for the Festival of Golf.
  • The team captain must use her name as the reference on the bank deposit.
  • Participants must be 21 years or older.
  • Winners must have registered handicaps.
  • No MBSA or affiliated companies/sponsors can qualify for prizes.
  • The winning fourball from each event will compete in the National Finals in Johannesburg on 2 November (travel and accommodation for teams outside Gauteng will be courtesy Mercedes-Benz).
  • Count Out. Should two or more fourballs tie with the same score the winners shall be determined on the combined score of the back nine. If still a tie the betterball points scored on stroke 1.
  • Mercedes-Benz Ladies Classic is approved by the South African Golf Association to be an amateur tournament. Ref no. Rule 4-2g SAGA02/20.

Prize–Giving Format:

  • All score-cards to be handed to the Mark My Words within 20 minutes of completing the round.
  • Winning fourballs to be confirmed with one Mercedes-Benz owner to qualify for the National finals.
  • The prize-giving will commence as soon as scores are confirmed.
  • A light meal will be served.
  • Mercedes-Benz reserves the right to disqualify a finalist team after the event if so deemed that no Mercedes-Benz owner is represented. The prize will be awarded to the next winner in line.
  • Prize winners must be present at prize−giving. If not, the fourball prize will be forfeited to next winner in line.

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